Friday, April 29, 2016

An Invitation

I was almost sure that I would not receive an invitation to do a physical test for a job that I had applied almost a months ago although my buddy, A. F., had said I would definitely receive one. He said that he had checked both my resume and the questionnaire and is certain I would receive the e-mail. So here I am with the invitation and I'm not confident but am a bit nervous. I just started going to gym again 2 weeks ago and now I'm older and do not have the same level of confidence that I had back in 2008-09. In those years I applied for a few jobs where all required physical test. I remember I had a very good time in Vancouver Police physical test in Downtown Vancouver, I guess that was the headquarters at the time and then they moved somewhere else. And there was another one that I did in Justice Institute of British Columbia and passed as well. It's not that I'm a whole lot weaker. I have to travel for hours to just get there first and there's cost because I will have to spend night or nights. So it's a hassle. Of course it would be much easier to do that here in the city or somewhere closer in the province where I didn't need that much of driving but known of those bastards that I have applied for a job with in the past two months have invited me for an interview. I'm going to prepare myself for the next few days. I have as long as a week or so to get ready and then I will give the last 2 days a rest because I have to drive and mu muscles have to rest as well. 

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