Friday, April 08, 2016

Volunteering at C. F. B.

I went for volunteering to Calgary Food Bank for the second time this week. It's not bad. Majority of the people there, volunteers and staff are Caucasian. It's amazing how this people work. It's obvious that no volunteer does what he or she does is just for helping others. Many of them are old or lonely people who are looking a few hours of company to share their life stories. Still it's admirable what they do, I guess. I guess once I read that if Calgary Food Bank had wanted to hire people to do its stuff, it would have paid over $2,000.000
The problem with food bank is not that everyone who really is need comes and gets what they don't deserve but what can I do?
The other thing that I noticed in the past two times that I have been there is some staff go to Candy and Chocolate bin and take the best brands such as Lindt for themselves! That is disgusting! Does these prevent me from volunteering at the place? No. I enjoyed that and even the second time I went there I easily managed to work-stations, meaning that I did the work of two people for the shift. No place is flawless and I will go there until either they ask me to stop or I get a job. 
(Photo: This paintings in a warehouse of food bank are hung from the wall. Kids must have painted them. Nice. They give a better feeling to the atmosphere) 

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