Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Another Online Certificate

We had an annual evaluation at the previous job every year. That was the stupidest thing I had ever experienced! Not to mention that there never was any result from that. The piece of shit who evaluated me every year, my direct supervisor, knew basically nothing about the nature of the work but reading the contracts and that's what the company wanted and that's why he's still there and I'm unemployed for the past 6 months!
There was a section in the evaluation form which you could indicate the training you thought you might need. I indicated that I wanted to take a course from this American institute and I don't even remember what his reaction was! I then got kicked out while I already had started conversation with the institute for the course. Eventually I was able to gain access in December last year. The content was not very bad but considering it was the Review Mode of the online program, there were lots of issues.
The program comprises of 6 courses. There are quizzes for each course and final examination at the end. I easily passed 4 courses out of 6 and then was given the third chance for the other two. Each student gets only two chances for each final examination. I used the opportunity and was able to pass one. The other one was doomed and I didn't go higher than 67%! I needed at least 75% to pass. It was very disappointing. There were grammatical, spelling and technical issues with courses which I never expected them to exist to that level. I guess one of the reasons was that, as I recognized by the names and surnames, many of the staff of the said institute are from Hispanic background and it's not expected from them to know English as good as a native speaker of it. But how about the technical issues? That doesn't have anything to do with ethnicity!
Here is the most obvious one. This is about Undercut, a welding discontinuity which might occur due to different reasons including welder's poor workmanship. This is how they define Undercut:

Undercut is a groove in the base metal along both sides of the weld that is not completely filled during the welding process.

This is absolutely wrong and misleading as well! One, who's not very familiar with welding concepts, definitions and flaws, in general, by reading this definition, would think that there are grooves which should be filled by welders and if not then there would be a flaw!
Anyways I wanted to add that to my resume but since I haven't finished all of the courses successfully now all I can do is to indicate that I've finished 5 out of 6 courses of the program! There's no doubt that I learnt things but the disappointment was very unusual and I would say disturbing in a way. At the end I e-mailed the original person whom I had contacted first and showed my interest in taking the remaining course and paying for it but didn't receive any response. I might try that once again just to pass the damn thing and get my certificate But generally I have come to this conclusion that online learning or as some might call it e-learning is not a good way of learning. 

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