Saturday, April 30, 2016

Checking a Lens

I purchased a 75-300 zoom lens from Vision Electronics. My first and only purchase from this store in all years that I've been living in Canada! In fact I had not stepped in a Visions Electronics before that but it was a good deal. The magnification is not very strong but with my budget I could not get anything better anywhere! 
Anyways I went to Inglewood Bird Sanctuary to test it out a few days ago. It was early afternoon weekday so it was not crowded. In fact there were only two people I saw there. The majority part of the sanctuary was fenced off because apparently they were doing construction but I walked around for about an hour and took a few photos. It was cloudy first as it has been like this in the past week or so in the area and then just when I was about to leave the sun came out. I took only a few photos, including this, this and this and of course the one you see here on the top. 
More photos would be all posted in the same website, if I took any.
(Photo: This tiny little birds are very beautiful but I don't know what it is. Anyone who knows please indicate here)

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