Saturday, April 02, 2016

Love and Sex in Calgary Public Library(!)

When I came to Canada first, used Calgary Public Library for a short time. At that time you had to pay for membership. I don't remember how much it was but that was not a lot. They provided different services. Just two weeks ago I went to see if I can renew my membership because I realized there are new services available. In addition to that I have lots of free time that I can spend and I don't want to stay home all day long. To my surprise the fee for membership is eliminated! So was my personal information in their database! Apparently it was gone because I was inactive for so many years. So I got the new card easily and quickly and then I borrowed a laptop, a Chromebook. A Chromebook is actually not that bad. When we went to buy a second computer back in summer of 2014, because my Toshiba laptop from 2007 was very slow at the time and now is resting in a recycling center(!), we were told several times that we should not have bought a Chromebook but actually know I like it better than our Surface 2! One of the reasons would be the keyboard. Surface 2 is actually is not bad at all and you can add a keyboard for a little more than $100 but Chromebook already has it. The other benefit of Chromebook its battery life. I've been given a charger when I borrowed a Chromebook. Surface's is not bad either but it definitely does not last as long as Chromebook, I can say.
I guess I turned this post to a product comparison one! So I stop here. So I have been to two different locations of C. P. L. and they are not bad. One problem would be the noise which can be resolved using a headphone.
What's amazed me the most is the number of perverts who spend their time in C. P. L. to hunt something or maybe they think they can! It actually is not a bad place! Lots of moms go there and many of them could be a single parent. Many students go there as well. Women who are housekeepers too. So there's a good collection! I've seen plenty gorgeous women in both locations, even among librarians. I also have seen some perverts who, quickly by looking at them, you can say what they are looking for! Here are a few examples of horny people, people are in the library for matters rather than studying and people who do other things rather than studying in the library:

1- A young blue-eyed, blonde woman, in her early 30's was spending time with his little boy, I guess on his homework. She had a very short mini-skirt with no stockings of any kind. Another boy who apparently was the first boy's classmate appeared in the library and the two kids waved at each and said hi. It was obvious that the father of the second boy, a tall mid-aged man was looking fro this opportunity to get close to the woman but the woman paid no attention. Didn't even turn her face! The guy was looking at the woman with wide open eyes and mouth! They then went at sat at a table, not too far so the guy can pick good looks! The woman and her boy carried on with their studies and for a moment she had to stand up and maybe to show something to her son. When she stood up and bent over, you could easily see her ass chick! I remember specifically that it was her left! I was not right behind her but there was an old woman sitting right behind her who was looking directly at her ass and I could see a hatred in her eyes! She remained in that position for a quite a long time and the woman behind, still was gazing in shock and displeasure. The other guy, just a few feet away, also was checking her out but he was in a bad angle. So he got nothing!

2- A Caucasian young fella, maybe in grade 11 or 12 showed up one day and sat in front of me. He didn't attract any attention. He was a boy who probably had came to spend a few hours there. Lots of school kids do that. They hang out in fast food places, libraries, parks, convenience stores, gyms and public places like that after the school is out. I doubt that any student goes home right after they finish school. Back to my time, I remember that we would go back immediately right after we finished because the family was waiting at the table for lunch. Anyways this guy came and he looked around, looked at me and then got himself busy with something and then I noticed he continuously checks our around, like he was waiting for someone. Eventually an Asian girl showed. A pretty one too! Big boobs. Long dyed hair, a bit of makeup and not a bad feature. She apparently was tutoring the guy and constantly and at the same time fixing her hair, moving her body, at time putting, yes, practically putting her boobs on the table. Perhaps it was a major achievement for her to be able to see a Caucasian guy which might later lead to a date. It was obvious also that the girl was born here. She was fluent and obviously much better than the guy in that subject matter in English!

Stories like these are seen in the library everyday but if I had paid attention to all, I would have not been able to accomplish half of what I accomplished until now! but the two above were very obvious and caught my eyes. 

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