Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Little Gathering in Murrieta

The manager of one of the volunteer works I do, e-mailed me a few weeks ago and indicated that there would be a dinner meeting with the other members of the group. Good! I had no idea where or what Murrieta was when I received the information. It's such a luxury restaurant in downtown Calgary, of course! Where else? 
It's a very nice place and expensive but it's kind of hidden although it has its big sign. As a custom in Canada they serve Red Wine during and after the dinner but I can't drink it because of my problem Gout! So one of the guys asked me what I wanted instead and I ordered a shot of Vodka. It's just a small glass of Vodka and a few ice cubes and a wedge of Lime but costs some $7.5! You get a bottle of 200 ml for $8 probably! 
Anyways there were as many as probably 11 people, if I remember clearly. Not that it's very important!. All working! I was the only pathetic one but I revealed that to one person only, I guess! 
The appetizers were not bad. Then we ordered the main. I ordered a Steak with Salad instead of Asparagus which is in the list of my diet and Mashed Potato which is nothing but starch and a little bit of Butter, probably. The Steak size was so small but for someone who has Gout was enough! red meat, Red Wine, Asparagus and few other items are in the list of diet for the people who have Gout and that day I stayed away from two and had one of them only but a small portion. The Steak was cooked very well. I like my Steak well-done, the type most of people don't eat here but It had come out nicely and I enjoyed that. The side Salad was good good portion too. 
There was no dessert after the meal but people ordered hot drink. I didn't. I was good. When the drinks came over they all not only look very good but smelled good as well. Not that I regretted why I had not ordered! If I get a chance to go there again, I will order one hot beverage instead of an alcoholic one. 
Generally Murrieta is a very nice restaurant with good service, good food and good environment. If you're not worried about your bill, it is highly recommended. I tried not to order expensive food because I'm not a fucking cheap bastard who has never eaten good food. I probably ordered the smallest and lest expensive Steak but if I get a chance to go again, and that would be if I get a good job, I will order whatever I like despite the price. 5 out of 5.
(Photo: This is a type of advertisement on the entrance to the building where Murrieta is located. I don't have any photo from inside. It would have been seen as a very odd act, had I taken photo during our gathering!)

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