Saturday, October 15, 2016

Garbage Makers

One of the biggest issues that the world has been facing for a few decades now is the problem with garbage! And how did this become a major issue for human being? When Westerners introduced the nasty and disgusting products such a plastic bags, the things that hardly can be recycled! I guess I read it somewhere that it takes a million year or an astronomical number of years like that to have a plastic bag to be going back to nature! It's nothing! It's similar to saying that I have a chance to leave for Nepal tomorrow and summit Mt. Everest by the end of next week!! I remember when I was a little kid in the old country, probably Grade 1, garbage collectors had a big cart that they pushed and we collected all sorts of trash in  a bin, with no plastic bag and when he would show up, he would dump our bin in his big cart and would go the next door neighbour! This of course was very hard for the man. Then plastic bag was introduced and of course they sold their machines all around the world because those machines, which make plastic bag and similar products require raw material. So they can have you attached to themselves or vise versa for years! This is what that Western countries have been doing for decades now! Then there was a time that they taught you how to make the raw material but then you needed other equipment to make them. So basically you are depended on them forever!
It was in the news a few months ago that fishermen in the Pacific near Canadian coast caught more plastic bag than they caught different fish in 2015! Careless people have been destroying the earth and still haven't learnt from their mistakes! I don't even know why we have Environment Canada, Green Party and all other shit like that!! Every time I go to a supermarket I hate these assholes more and more. Every fucking idiot walks around with a big cart and puts every fucking single piece of fruit or vegetable in a plastic bag that these motherfucker disgusting thieves of Wal-Naty-Mart, The Real Canadian Super-asshole or other motherfucker cartels provide! These piece of nasty, stinking craps don't care about the environment or how big the landfill becomes every month. They just care about the money they make. As long as the nasty disgusting, ugly creature fills his or stomach with mostly the garbage they sell, they don't care how many rolls of plastic bag is used in their supermarket.
The only retailer that refrains from giving you these fucking plastic bags are Community Natural Foods and MEC. Community Natural Foods is in fact a joke mostly! They have so many product s that you can buy them everywhere else and they're just more expensive in there! The other thing is the nasty disgusting, Cancer-causing products they sell in their store and call it natural! Every fucking idiot knows that processed meat of any kind is the biggest cause of Cancer and that's because of the nasty chemicals and preservatives they add to them. I'm getting derailed from the main subject. 
In a nutshell in the society that money has the utmost priority why would they care about plastic and its nasty affect on the environment!
(Photo: Plastic bags containing Brussels Sprouts has recently appeared in Co-Op!! I have a little doubt that no preservative has been added. We all know that many of vegetables and fruits are genetically modified to have a longer shelf life but they must have added chemicals to these Sprouts as well. What the hell is wrong with you disgusting careless greedy people that have to stuff bags with every damn thing you intend to sell to people?!?!)

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