Monday, October 03, 2016

The Neighbourhood Was Not the Issue!

I don't follow Football. Not that I dislike it or anything! In fact I don't follow any professional sport these days but follow the news for sure. One of the players of Calgary Stampeders, a very young Black guy, originally from Detroit, was shot dead last week. He was killed by a Black guy who later denied. He still has to appear in the court and they will determine his fate. He will most likely go to jail for a few years and will be freed. He is charged with Second Degree Murder. He still have to be convicted. 
His mother or sister said that they were happy about him moving to Calgary because they considered the city and generally the country a much safer place compare to the US
Yes. Calgary is safer but when the trouble appears you still could be shot and dead and the trouble was the culture of Black people (or some like to call them African-American) which is all (maybe most) about violence, swearing, street fight, you name it. I have no issue with Black people and certainly condemn the excessive violence that the police has shown in ports of the US toward these people but isn't it the time that Black people review their own behaviours and try to stay away from things such as drugs, street fights, prostitution and all other sorts of unlawful act? 
Louis Farrakhan, the leader of Nation of Islam has mentioned that in one of his speeches. I don't agree with all of Nation of Islam ideology, particularly after listening to a few of his speeches and watching Malcolm X but I 100% agree with what he says about the filth that some Black people are drawing themselves in. 
When they start behaving normally, when they stop swearing continuously in their songs, when they stop dressing abnormally, when they stop fighting for tiny problems in NBA and when ..., then they gain full respect of others and I'm sure tragedies such as Hicks' murder will significantly decrees. I am looking forward to see that day in near future. There are many good examples in today's US society that Black people look at. Why would they chose maniacs such as Tupac as their idols!! That's what I don't understand! Someone who chooses these kind of people as whom he or she want to be similar to when he grows up, he or she should expect other consequences such as being dead.
(Photo: Louis Farrakhan, the leader of group Nation of Islam is a controversial figure that has said things that if he had said them somewhere else, he would have been dead by now! I do not agree with the majority of his ideas but he warns people from joining gangs, consuming alcohol and drug, engaging in prostitution and in general immoral things that many find them OK and normal in today's North American society. He once traveled to Iran to but I don't know what the purpose of his trip was and whether he achieved that or not. His speeches remind me of early Khomeini's speeches and some of Adolf Hitler's! Same excitement, same propaganda and maybe the same false promises as well! I have to do a little more study on him.)

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