Friday, October 28, 2016

Safeway's Struggling in Calgary

It was in the news that one of a big Safeway supermarkets in northeast part of the city will be closed soon. I'm sot surprised. With the prices that this supermarket offers, not to mention the kind of food, in that part of the city which is mostly the resident of refugees of Afghan, Arab, African, Sikh, Pakistani and so forth, they should have been closed long time ago! I remember that I shopped at that location maybe once back in 2005 when I shared a townhouse with The Microbe, not far away from there. There's a huge supermarket adjacent to that Safeway which imports foreign food, suitable for some of the nationalities I just named them. Barely anyone but a few Caucasian families who live nearby, shops at that Safeway
This is the second Safeway supermarket that is closing in the area. There was another one on 33 St. SE, not too far from this location, that I used to go for shopping almost 10 years ago. It was a small store but had all the merchandise. It's a Rexall pharmacy now. There's a Co-Op supermarket right across the street but I don't remember going to that even once.
The regional managers have to study the neighbourhood and see what the people's eating habit is in there. As well they have to see what the average income of the neighbourhood is. You can't just go and open a supermarket and expect to make money. I'm sure more locations will be closed unless Safeway think of a way to stay competitive. If I can pay less for what I'm buying, why would I pay more?! There are many locations of Safeway close to other supermarkets which when you step in, you realize that not even 0.1 of customers in that supermarket are shopping here! Canada is becoming more like a shithole with a majority of poor refugees or low-income people who prefer to do their shopping either in Wal-Nasty-Mart or The real Canadian Super-Asshole(!) because when you're poor, you basically are looking for something to fill up your stomach. You don't look at the label and whether it is healthy or not. You just look at the price! The cheaper, the better! Unless you're an East Indian! In that case because you're born cheap, you'll die cheap! So if there's an item for $2.25 in one store and a similar one for $2.15 in the other store, they will definitely go for the second one! 
The said two so-called supermarkets have both the disgusting, disgraceful and inhumane customer service you can imagine but they have cheap items and that's what people need today. Here is the list of struggling supermarkets around the city:

1- Safeway in Westbrook Mall. There's a Wal-Nasty-Mart Supercenter adjacent to it. Every time I go in there, there's barely any customer.
2- Safeway in Westhills. There's a Real Canadian Super-Asshole across the street. There's not a time of the day that you go in there and it's not crowded. The said Safeway barely has any customer but old retired Caucasians!
3- Safeway in 36 St. NE. There's a big Wal-Nasty-Mart just across the street. I don't know what Safeway wad thinking when they opened this location in Ghetto!

Safeway however has been successful in inner city locations because these big supermarkets don't have locations there. Examples are 8th Street SW and 10th St. NW locations. These are mainly the residents of young Caucasians who don't know their asses from their elbow! They are already all broke and have no clue of how to spend the little they have. Besides there's no other nearby store. So business is booming. I really don't know what these guys who call themselves marketing manager or whatever similar title, do on their daily routine! Why in the hell would you open and operate a supermarket or a restaurant in a neighbourhood where most of the population is refugees and asylum seekers! These people had never seen half of the stuff that are sold in a today's supermarket in North America before escaping their devastated homeland! They didn't know what a restaurant or for example Pizza is! Another good examples are the Pizza Hut in Falconridge Dr. in northeast where the majority of the population is from Indian sub-continent. They shut it down several years ago and now it's an East Indian or better to say Punjabi-Sikh restaurant. Or The Cheesecake Cafe in on 36 St. in northeast again which is Applebee's now. This one as well was turned to East Indian restaurant as well but didn't last long because there are too many of them in that part of the city now and we'll see how Applebee's is going to do.
(Photo; Safeway at times mails coupons which provides the shopper with Air miles. I regularly check them but rarely use them. However this week I got their egg, lettuce and cheese, all because the prices were reasonable! It's not always like this but they are considering different solutions)

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