Thursday, October 06, 2016

Why did Canadians Condemn the Anti-Muslim Poster in U of C?

It was in the news a few day ago that a number of anti-Muslim posters were seen in University of Calgary. This is quite similar to the anti-Sikh posters which were seen in University of Alberta a few weeks ago. I'm not surprised at all. Obviously there are people in this country who don't like the immigration policies of Trudeau. The problem is that they have to have other ways to have their voices heard. If you call this democracy then you will have to either go to your MLA or MP or simply have a rally but I guess you're too busy with your drinking, your pot smoking, your iPhones and your girl or boyfriend! Putting a few posters up won't take much time. Going to the MP and have a through talk with him or her or organizing a rally requires lots of energy, planing and effort! 
However the question is why the university and some Caucasian people condemn this. The answer is very simple: In this economy if Muslim students boycotted an university, the result would be catastrophic! The university and in general the province and the country would be deprived from a steady and reliable source of income and no school wants that! 
Did you know the majority of Master's and Doctorate students are foreigners and many of them from Muslim countries? That's because they can't get a job so they think by simply getting more education they can increase their chance of being hired which is not the case! Canadians know that. Universities know that too. So the idiots keep going to the university and make money for them! It's separate from the business they bring to the city. Who wants that to go away!? No one! 
It's not that Canadians like Muslims or in general foreigners. It's their business that they like. One the cartoons of Islam's prophet was the center of attention a few years ago, many Muslim countries boycotted Danish dairy products and those guys were in real trouble. I don't know the detail but I guess an apology was made and the market went back to normal. This is the world that the Westerners create themselves. These days Westerners need other nations more than any other time! They are basically dependent on them: Cheap labour comes to Canada and the US from Latin America and Asia, They need silly countries such as Saudi Arabia and UAE to sell their weapons to and many other complex relationships which cannot be ignored!
(Photo: The only picture I found in Internet of the posters in U of C. This is quite nice but not working!) 

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