Friday, October 07, 2016

The Disturbing Anniversary

This is not probably someone would want to remember but one year ago the motherfuckers threw me out of the company! One year passed so fast. Just these past 14 years and so which seemed went by fast! I met K. M. A. today after a while. In fact she met with me because I asked him to be my reference for Firearms Licence and he accepted. He seems alright and was a bit nicer than usual but went through the form line by line! I wouldn't probably do that but it's OK. I mailed the form after The Chef acted as the other reference for the from. Of course not with the same attention! K. M. A. is also the guarantor for the form. He told me something, very calmly, that left me in a shock, a little bit, at the end. He said that his little girl was autistic! D. H., my first landlord has an autistic boy and I know that he hears well but cannot talk. If that's the illness of the little girl that's devastating. Good that he seemed calm and relaxed. At the same time what can he do? He has to deal with the problem forever. Then in the afternoon we went to Red Deer Lake Meat with The Chef again but he complained about the high price and how broke he is and he got nothing but a few packs of Beef Stew. I got a small pack of Pork Chop. The place had good customer for Thanksgiving being on the way but although I'm thankful every fucking day(!) we are not going to buy a Turkey this year. They had fresh ones! 

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