Saturday, October 01, 2016

Firearms Safety Course (Restricted)

The firearm safety course for Restricted firearms which are the handguns, are quite similar to the previous course, the course for Non-restricted firearms. It's a shorter course because most of the topics are already covered. The main difference is the type of cartridges. There are others as well which if you wanted to know, you would have to take the course!
Today's handguns are mostly semi-automatic. Revolvers are no longer used by law enforcement agencies. Muzzleloader is of course for target shooting and collection but is an interesting handgun to have and work with if you follow all of the safety concerns.
The other thing that you learn is that handguns are either Single-Action or Double-Action. Single-Action is the one which by squeezing the trigger it does only one thing. You need to cock the gun yourself every time you want to shoot. Double-Action fires and cocks at the same time and of course is faster.
This course was thought by the same gentleman whom I had a conversation with last time. Nice person and knowledgeable too but as usual there were jerks who could not shut up with their nonsense stories! This group was also less friendlier which I didn't care. At least in the previous course there were a few guys that I spent a few times with and we talked about different things. 
I did better on this course and got higher scores both on the written test and practical. Now I have to send my documents to RCMP to get my card and then hopefully use this for a job application. If can't use it maybe one day I can practice target shooting. 
(Photo: A deactivated single-action handgun is seen here. This was used by us for practicing. It was a good practical experience)

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