Sunday, October 23, 2016

Navy Days

I usually tune in to the news while I'm driving and last week I heard of a display in The Military Museum, called Navy Days. I guess it was a sort of anniversary or something that they displayed Navy items in the museum. I called The Chef and he agreed to accompany me although I later regretted inviting him! The Chef is a nice guy but a pure idiot but that's not the subject of this post!
We were there around 14:00 I guess and as soon as we parked and walked toward the building I saw a gentleman in uniform and asked him about the display. We were looking at a T-72 on the grounds of the museum and he encouraged us to go inside and see the displays. He was very talkative and nice. He asked us were we were from and I said that he said he know a lot of history about Persian Empire. After a few minutes of talking when I told him that I had an application with the Navy he went silent! I think he didn't like the fact that a foreigner and a non-Caucasian might become a member of the Royal Canadian Navy! I wonder how he would have felt, had I told him I would enroll into as an officer! 
I learnt during this display that Canada once had an aircraft career. It was decommissioned in 1970. This airplane, an F2H was part of that career fleet and now on display in the Military Museums. It's called the Last Punch!
Anyways we went our tour by looking around different items. The place was not crowded just a few people. The rest were veterans and a few seemed to be the current crew. The place although small but had so many small items to display, many of them which I had never seen before. There were also very nice items for silent auction including a set of 3-piece German Nazi porcelain from 1939 and 1945. Unfortunately being out of work for more than a year didn't allow me to bid for any and The Chef is clueless of anything. He was looking at everything with lots of shock(!) and would whistle as a sign of wonder! I had to tell him to be quiet, quite often! 
We spent around one hour in there and it was good. As the guy said it in the beginning you would need longer hours and maybe even more than a day to see and read everything in detail. 
(Photo, top: This Churchill's quote sounded very interesting to me! Although Germans efforts to cut the line of supply to Britain was eventually unsuccessful, as seen partially in Das Boot, but caused indisputable  harms to the Allies fleet. This mannequin portraits a German submarine or as they call it themselves Das Boot captain which again reminds me of the wonderful movie of Das Boot)

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