Thursday, November 03, 2016

Calgary Police Funny Business!

Policing here in Canada is a good business, I believe. Not in the US though, particularly in the past two years which two many shooting have happened. Canada used to be a very peaceful and quite place. It seems that the trouble and violence in the neighbouring US and the whole world has significant affect on the country. I can simply compare Calgary of these days to when I came first:

There were not these many women with table cloths on their head walking with an army of children and beard men around the town, benefiting from the Federal Government. Population was much smaller, There were not high employment as much as 9.5% or more like now, prices were much lower, etc. Don't you think these have all affects on the way people and in turn the police act? A few officers have recently been accused of using excessive force on people who they were arresting. Something that I had never seen in this town. This is in addition to the number of police shootings in the recent months. All of these are fine by me. I certainly believe that in most cases the officers were doing their job. Maybe in a case or two they went over the line. but this thing that I read in the news today made me laugh quickly. See for yourself:

A man is in critical condition after being stabbed in Calgary's downtown core early Thursday morning.It happened in the 1000 block of First Street S.W. around 1:30 a.m.It's not clear what led up to the attack, but there were reports that several people fled the scene.Officers interviewed witnesses at the scene, but many of them were intoxicated and gave conflicting accounts, police say. 

Are you kidding me?! Is that what really happened or is it a joke?! Everyone who is not home at 01:30 AM in downtown is a crook, a homeless or a drunkard! They are all the same shit! And police interviewed them?! Where they making a fool of themselves or they were bored and said: Hey officers! Lets go and have some fun with street people at 01:30 AM? Lets make sure though that they have injected or inhaled or ... swallowed their drugs and they are really loaded!!! I know that police would say: We had to interview the witnesses. They were the only people available there at the time. But comm on! You have to have common sense too. Don't act like third grade kids. Use your head. Respect yourself a human being and a an officer on the force. Don't do something that people doubt your proficiency and sanity!

(Photo; This picture taken from a clip shows CPS officers are struggling a man who is resisting arrest. It is said that they used excessive force. I don't know)

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