Friday, November 18, 2016

With or Without Tie

I received a surprise telephone call from someone that I would not to say from where he or she called a few days ago. The conversation, after the usual greeting started by mentioning December and I was analyzing in my head as why I had received this call at the same time! When I heard the world December I immediately thought the person did not even know me last December so i must be something in the coming December! This happen all simultaneously while the person was talking! And I realized that it was a temporary part-time job offer for the next month and I kind of sighed but slowly so the person did not hear that on the phone! I have done lots of fuck-ups and when I receive a call like that, I expect a punishment but I barely had done anything wrong, even minor with this person and still did not expect a pleasant thing! 
It is not actually a very pleasant mainly because it might affect my EI benefits negatively. I attended a sort of meeting with two individuals, not the one who called me and I convinced them. That happened the next day. Then they contacted me and indicated that they would hire me. When I discussed the EI issue briefly with one, the person sent useful information and it appears that I might be able to work. I guess I should have considered that for the safety job last summer but it's too late because I turned that down after the first day of training. The problem with that was it was not a paid training and it was too fucking far and too fucking boring! 
Anyways another interesting thing is the main person who actually has signed the offer letter, which I soon has to accept, used to live in the city that I worked and I had multiple issues! Thank heavens that I did not run to him for an argument or some bad encounter! It's a small world! Imagine that you sit at a table waiting for the interviewer to come. He opens the door and there he is: The guy you had a very bad argument with a few years ago and it was so bad that you still can remember it after years! 
Anyways everything was OK and I have received the offer letter. All I have to do is to check with Service Canada to see how I should contact them to report the hours I work as their telephone service does not provide any answer. 
I had a decision to make before going for the meeting. Even one of them said that it would not be a formal interview. Honestly who would interview a person for a 3-week part-time, low-paid job?! Even that job, which was supposed to be for 5 weeks did not have an interview! However I was not sure weather I should wear a tie or not! I eventually at the last minute before heading out wore a tie and noticed that they were looking at that during the meeting! They probably found it weird but it's over now. There's nothing wrong with being neat and well-groomed. 

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