Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sicario (Hitman)

When you are unemployed you have to fill your hours,  sometimes it's not easy especially when all of your friends are gone, each for a reason, or employed. I usually watch more number of movies more than what a normal person does but being out of money has prevented me from going to theaters for a very long time. In fact I guess the last movie I watched in a theater was Black Mass. However Calgary Public Library offers a variety of old and new movies and I have managed to find a number of films that I wanted to watch them for a long time. Of course it's not the same feeling you get but it's better than nothing. It feels your hours!
Sicario (meaning hitman in Mexico they say not sure it has the same meaning in Spanish!) was the one that I recently watched and I was a little surprised by the story. Apparently an FBI agent is asked to volunteer for a joint task near the border with Mexico and when she joins, she realizes they operate at the other side of the border and strongly oppose to that. The story is interesting and is not just firefights with drug dealers. It has its twists but that part which eventually gets intense at the end and other moments of the game, is the climax of the movie, at least for me because I think if you're arresting drug dealers who destroy families, kill people and mutilate their competitors or innocent ones, doesn't matter where you are going. Jurisdiction and shit like that doesn't matter. You need to sweep them but the main character of movie doesn't think like that especially because they mostly either keep her in the dark or ignore her. Recommended movie but I'm not going to rate mostly because no one cares! And rather than that it's not an easy task!
One scene is funny in a way: The main character of the movie, an FBI female agent who is divorced and frustrated due to lack f sex(!), meet a police officer is a bar who happens to be not only his partner's buddy, but also a corrupt cop who links to the very same people that they are trying to dismantle their operation. This meeting, before any penetration happens(!) leads to recognize the bad cop! He empties his jean's pocket to be more comfortable during the foreplay and the FBI woman sees something that triggers her. There are two things here:
1- They condone fucking around with anyone particularly is OK, when they are both divorced! You can have sex with the first person you when your pussy is itching or you have a hard on(!). This is part of the Western culture! 
2- The woman's reaction is very unprofessional which is not expected from a law enforcement officer, especially the one who works for FBI and has such a high morale that opposes to crossing the border to bring a bad gut to the US for interrogation! She could easy finish the sex and enjoy that(!) as that's what the massage is and then simply leave and call her partners to arrest the guy. I think that would have not deteriorate the quality of the story and in turn the movie. In fact she would come out as a heroin who not only satisfied her very basic need but also blew a bad cop's cover and destroyed a network of corrupt police officers in Arizona! I guess for these guys who mix sex with everything that actually could have been a boost to their movie! No matter what kind of American movie you watch, there should be a scene of nudity or sexual act in it. Horror, si-fi, action, war, you name it! They have to show a woman's boobs or a scene of deep kissing or pumping(!) Why didn't they do that this time?!
(Photo; The three major characters of the movie, from left FBI agent, standing in camouflage suit Josh Brolin, the CIA guy and on right the Mexican hitman or sicario. I don't know the sitting guy and I had not seen the woman and the Mexican guy in any movie before. Brolin, though, had been seen in a few movies by previously, including W and No Country for Old Men)

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