Thursday, November 10, 2016

Carbon Tax

Carbon Tax that many Canadians and to be more specific many Albertans are very terrified of that in Alberta is part of the Climate Leadership Plan proposed by the NDP Government. Let's have a look at that as it comes into effect in 2017:
Carbon Tax or by its official and correct term, Carbon Levy (and for those who don't know what Levy exactly Levy mean, it is an imposing tax or collecting by authorities) will be included in the price of all types of fuel which emit greenhouse gases when combusted. This, as I indicted earlier above, will be applied to the fuels in 01-Jan-2017 at the rate of $20/Tonne and will be increased next year. Here's how it will work:

Type of fuel                                                         2016                                     2017

Agriculture used                                                     0                                           0
Gasoline                                                       4.49 Cents/Liter                      2.24 Cents/Liter
Natural Gas                                                    $1.011/GJ                                $ 0.506/GJ

I only mentioned the two most popular fuels used by the families. The other two are not as important and are not listed. Also in the first row I mention that the fuel marked for agricultural use is exempt which is an excellent idea. I guess that would consist of not only agricultural machinery such as combine but also maybe their trucks, pick-ups and similar vehicles which is fair.
Based on the above, for example the price of gasoline which is 86.9 Cents/Liter in Calgary would jump up to 91.39 Cent/Liter, if it remained the same in Jan, the first.
The questions here is why Albertans are making a fuss out of this? It's obvious that no one likes taxes. No one likes to pay more for what he or she is buying. But what if this is for better environment and less pollution? Does anyone care? Apparently not because a bunch of lazy, wimp nuts have already rallied again Carbon Levy in Edmonton
These people are spoiled really badly. For decades because of the cheap price of oil and vehicles, they have gotten used to go from point A to point B which is only 15 minutes walk, by car! High School kids go to calls driving a car every day!!! And people wonder why obesity and diabetes the concern of the current generation! When I used to go to U of C in 2002 for an Advanced ESL Level II course, I saw many students being picked up by either their parents or boy/girlfriends!! When I started SAIT in 2002, also I realized that the majority of Caucasian students drove, parked and paid for parking while Calgary Transit has a station called SAIT right at the entrance and is very convenient! 
The fact is if you're too lazy to ride a bike, walk a few blocks or take the public transit, then you'll be worried about Carbon Levy. I already know that when the new tax kicks in, I will reduce my drivings significantly but for The Chef who lives in northeastern part of the city and works near Downtown, the increase will be felt. As well for the people who live in nearby towns such as Airdrie, Okotoks, High River and similar.
The other thing is you were the ones who vote for Notley and her people. Now you are organizing rallies against her? Are you stupid? Brace for impact!
(Photo: A Shell gas station on 14th St. is showing 86.9 Cents for a Liter for regular gasoline. It's not a bad price)

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