Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The People Who Are Spoiled Badly

One of the features that Western societies emphasize a lot is public services: roads, urban trains, public transportation, helping the homeless, parks and similar. Many of them are overlooked in Third World although I have to say that there has been significant improvement in that area recently in that part of the world. The problem is when they start a project, they are mostly behind the schedule and over the budget. Facts that are seen at times here as well but maybe not to the same level. The other things is that the projects are studied well here and more importantly public opinion is sought rather than the expert's and authorities'. Something that you never see in those countries or perhaps better to say is seen rarely. All good up to here. I don't have a problem with any of the above although I don't use public service much.
My problem is with spoiling people! The Government of Alberta used to send a reminder letter to all of the residents of this province(!) not to forget renewing their vehicle registration! How stupid is that?! I wonder why the government didn't pay for their registration and then didn't send a letter after that to pay for that?! After years of doing that shit, which cost a lot, this year they decided to stop that. I guess eventually someone sane was in charge! Or maybe they ran out of money. Most likely the second one. A number of people got tickets or probably even got towed for not being registered and they complained! You fucking idiots! That's your responsibility to renew your registration before it is expired! How stupid, lazy and spoiled you are! It's not a freaking credit card statement or utility bill that you have to know how much you have consumed or is there any mistake. You don't even have to check the due date. There's a fixed amount with a specific date to pay! How hard is that to do?! Maybe instead of sitting on your asses in a bar and drinking bear and bullshiting each other you should take care of your household first! 
Something else I noticed in LRT shelters a few years ago. I'm not a frequent user of public transport because I have two reliable vehicles. Besides I don't like them. Unless other countries that I've been to, public transportation here is not comfortable and reasonably priced. Nevertheless I realized that heaters are put in LRT shelters in a number of stations!!! What stupid idiot'd idea was that? In the country which already is struggling with fossil fuel emission problem and soon coal power plants should be shut and replaced with clean energy resources, you put heaters in LRT shelters to attract the poor and homeless? Well fucking passengers have to put more on! This is the stupidest idea I had ever seen anywhere. At times these guys have budget and they don't know what to do with it. So they spend on disgusting shit so next year they can claim more! That what really the reason is. Otherwise I can wait in a shelter for 10 minutes with a regular winter jacket that everyone has here in Alberta and no idiot would need a fucking heater! 
These spoiled and stupid people should understand know that this is not 70's and 80's anymore! truckloads of people are coming to these country and you would not be able to provide free everything service to them. This stupid free health care system of your won't be functioning. It has problems now! Open your eyes and stop pampering people like 3rd grade kids. People need to struggle with different things. That's what makes them stronger and ready for tough times like now. 
(Photo: A heater in a LRT shelter in one of Downtown Calgary stations! This probably is the stupidest thing that someone has ever done in a city)

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