Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Used Condom in McDonald's

I've criticized McDonald's several times here and everywhere else and I'm still going to a McDonald's most of the time when I want to get a coffee, particularly now that they have reduced their price! The fact is their coffee is much better than other major coffee franchises and their reward program is good. Just before this new price adjustment their prices were higher than Tim Horton's but Tim Horton's is so cheap and phony! They never had a breakfast sandwich until a few years ago. They copied everything from McDonald's! They have no free refill policy and they are so fucking cheap that you see no good newspaper in a Tim Horton's cafe but the nonsense free ones!
Nevertheless I had a very bad experience just a few weeks ago in a location that frequents by homeless although it's not located in Downtown. In fact there's barely any location that is not a hang out for the homeless, Natives and deranged but the closer it is to Downtown the more you see these people and its not that I have a problem with that but some of them become a pain in the ass by soliciting or getting too close and even assaulting.
Anyways I was at this damn location on 17th Ave. and 35 St. SW for a coffee and noticed that people are sleeping underneath a cover at one of the tables. I was not surprised or anything like that as I knew that if I'm drinking a coffee here I have to expect the company of all the ones I named above. However this time it was different, I called upon the manager or supervisor who happened to be a short Filipino girl, similar to many other locations. She, after a while, went to the person which appeared shortly that they were two girls who looked like Aboriginals, sleeping underneath a blanket-like cover! They left shortly after they were awaken and I guess I sat and drank my coffee. I didn't pay much attention to my surrounding after that but I knew that location frequented by Aboriginals. Then when was leaving the location, and I have to say here I always look where I set my foot in(!) I noticed an used condom right in front of the main entrance! Being in McDonald's, you expect everything extraordinary and strange but I certainly didn't expect this! I also didn't expect that the thing had not been noticed and no one had not said anything to the staff unless it had happened just a few seconds before I saw that. Considering I had already talked to the useless so-called supervisor of the location, I decided to leave the issue untouched and get the hell out. I wish I, at least, had taken a photo and sent to the media, their headquarters or someone although I doubt anyone would do anything regarding that. The fact is McDonald's is a hangout for poor, hungry, homeless and all sorts of people of the same kind and that does not mean I have a problem with that. There are people who had unfortunate things in their life and their life was turned upside down. I'm one of them myself, it's just not that bad yet! However it is not acceptable that people get involved in sexual intercourse in a restroom and then throw their used condom on the floor. That is despicable and disgusting.

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