Saturday, November 05, 2016

Messed up a not so Difficult Test

I was again given an opportunity to apply for a Federal Government job and I blew it again! It was a job in Atlantic Canada and a good one I believe. An examination session was scheduled and there were only three of us. I don't know if that's the case or not but when I had another opportunity in summer and blew it as well(!) there were only three of us as well. That one, I'm not sure if I have mentioned or not, was very unfair. The easiest examination I had ever written. I was then called and told that I didn't get a certain percentage in one section while did well in all other! 
Anyways I was there and the first part of the exam, I'm not going to reveal the content of course, was all about English comprehension. Although I came short in time but I guess I did average. There's a hope to get the minimum requirement! 
Then there was a break and we wrote the second part which was some mathematics and technical. This part was not hard but I didn't do well! I clearly remember that a very easy question was answered incorrectly by me! I need at least 70% for this. I still am positive to get that percentage or above. The last part was a combination of vocabulary and some letter and number series as well as shapes moving and turning which their samples are available when the applicant is notified that he or she should write the examination. They are also available in the web. This part was the hardest among the three and I am not positive at all! There were vocabulary questions that I had never seen or heard the term! 
I did not have a very good night sleep and there was a nasty East Indian donkey making noises with his nose and asking questions loudly. Careless, rude and stupid in public behaviour similar to majority of East Indians! Because of that and my tiredness I did not have a good focus during the examination but that is not an excuse for failing. Even him was complaining about the hard questions afterwards! I really hate inconsiderate people who act like a fucking jerk in the public without any respect for others. 
This pig, when we finished and leaving the room and asked me if I was from a certain country. I normally have no issue answering that question but I was tired, mad and annoyed by this piece of shit and asked him why he cared! He answered he was just asking. I replied back by saying that I did not answer stupid questions and that was a stupid question! We reached the elevator at the time and were about to get on it. He said nothing and left, pretending going back to the room as he had forgotten something or going to washroom! He, the piece of shit, stinking, animal practically ran away! The other one was a gentleman. A very nice and polite man that we had a nice at the beginning but this East Indian sack of reeking shit annoyed me a lot and I was just looking for an opportunity to pop him(!) but thankfully it never appeared! Disgusting animal. 

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