Monday, November 21, 2016

End of Fitbit Flex

I had a problem with my Fitbit Flex about two weeks ago again. This was the second time. The first time they replaced that. I think it was covered by warranty. This time I realized that the piece of shit, pardon my language, doesn't synchronizes. I tried different angles and distances and result was the same. So I contacted them and they provided guidance and although it was not very useful because it was based on a tracker synchronizing with a Smartphone, I eventually managed to have the damn thing synchronized somehow. Then another problem emerged just a week later: It didn't charge! I contacted them again and this time a nut-head told me to use a pin and poke the devise from the hole in the back! I did that killed the tracker! No vital sings after that!
I contacted them and explained what had happened. They offered me a 25% discount to get a new devise! Although I didn't want a new one but I checked their website and realized that the one that I bought almost 2.5 years ago, is not offered any more. I bought a pack of three wristbands from West Edmonton Mall last year because Fitbit Flex does not have a durable wristband and I have used one at the time this whole thing happened, I had the second one on. So basically the one which is left worth some $10. I realized if I get a new one, with that discount and tax, shipping and all shit, it would be around $80 and I'm already losing at least $10 which is useless now. So I'm paying at least $90 for a new device which probably has all the same faults of the old now. So should I buy that or not? I don't think so. Especially now that I'm in this deep shit up to my neck! Would I buy, if I was employed? Probably yes but that still is stupid! When you have money, you're nonthinking of the rainy days! As The Lady said once: If you want to do exercise. Do your exercises! You don't needs any tracker! And she's right! I have been recording every exercise since Jan. of 2015 in an MS Excel sheet. I really don't need to spend more than $100 on such a piece of shit which is not even durable enough to last a year! You go ahead guys! Buy all these fancy stuff and show off! I'm done with it!
(Photo; This image shows how the device of FitbitFlex is taken out for recharge. Fitbit has stopped offering this model. That is one reason that I'm not using the 25% discount offered by them. There will be no use for the spare wristbands I purchased separately last year)

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