Saturday, August 24, 2019

All the Missing Opportunities

I decided to have a ride today in the afternoon. So I went to MEC and checked my bike. It had just been deflated. There was a nice girl there who inflated both tires and didn't even charge me for that. The past few days have all been very nice and best parts of the year for hiking but I'm stuck at home due to unemployment and having just a little saving to survive. I thought a like cycling would be better than staying home all day long. I also thought of all the job opportunities that I have missed so far and how they could have changed my life but at the same time I didn't think too much because it's not helpful. 
The pedestrian overpass close to 32nd Avenue NE. The camera did a good job
I took a pathway and first went parallel to Bow River and then parallel to Deerfoot. I also tried my new phone and I really liked it. I got Blackberry KeyOne from Staples and its awesome! I wanted to try it camera. It really shows that's a good one. Now that I need to send my camera to Canon in Ontario, at least there's something in addition to my little Sony that I can rely on, in case I need to take a good photo. 
(Photo, top: Deerfoor Tr. close to 32nd Avenue NE)

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