Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Interviewed by a Weird Guy

I received a call from a company shortly after I applied for a job yesterday. She provided a little explanation about the job and then invited me for an interview the next day. I left home early but silly me I didn't take the damn address! For a moment I was going to change my mind and leave the area but I thought and remembered from looking at the map that their office/facility should be behind the buildings that are facing the main road and there they were! 
Fortunately I was able to be there on time because there's nothing that I hate the most is being late for an interview, an appointment, a date or simply just meeting with a friend for a coffee. I waited and shortly after my arrival this guy opened the door and entered and asked me if I was __ and shock hands with me. He truly did not look like what I had imagined about the interviewer because the lady who had called named a Caucasian guy but this guy looked Oriental. I know that many people change their name here but still he didn't look like him because the surname of the interviewer was Caucasian
He then took me to a dark(!) room and started the so-called interview. He asked me what my background was, a question that you're not allowed to ask the candidates here but I didn't mind it at the time. He told me that he was from one of a former Soviet Union republics in the Asian part and said something in Dari! For those ones who don't know Dari is a language spoken in parts of Afghanistan and has similarities with Persian. For those one who don't care, sorry that I brought it up! He then started questions about my previous job and indicated that we were from the same background and it will be better to work together! He asked me where I worked in the old country and as always I had an answer in my mind and then he asked how long I was with them! I immediately invented(!) a number! He said that he knew the company as he had been to the country a few times. I don't know what those question have to do with this job but I answered them all politely! 
The he showed me around. The whole office and warehouse was as big as a family house! I doubt they even have a lunch room or something even close to that. I guess the whole company is ran but a total of perhaps 8 to 10 people! 
We then went back to the same room and he continued giving me speeches about how hard I would have to work, how he fired the people who had not fitted in the company and bullshit like that(!) and he kept repeating himself! He then started asking more strange questions such as how old I was, if I drank alcohol, did I have any allergies(!) and other wired things but I ignored him again. Then he, again repeated the very same things that he had said 15 minutes prior and before our tour of the facility until he got tired, I guess! He said that he had 20 more candidates that he would have to interview and then he added that would have to talk to his boss, the guy that I originally had to be interviewed by. Then he asked if I could start tomorrow? I told him that I would have to see a physician but I will give the clinic a call to see if I can postpone that. He agreed and asked me to call him after contacting the clinic. We shock hands again and I left. 
At home I was talking to my damn service provider about my plan and he appeared on the screen because I had added his number immediately after getting it! I told him that I was about to call him because the clinic had postponed my appointment. He said that he had talked with the " big boss "(!) and I could start tomorrow! He congratulate me and asked me to bring cloths and everything I needed. I accepted while he never mentioned anything about the wage or contract. He, however, indicated that it was their busy season as they serve some specific businesses (He told me what it was but I prefer not to reveal here as all these writings are posted with minimum detail about the persons, businesses and industries). I think he was lying to me that there would be an opportunity to work for a long time there. I think he had to work himself and now he is trying to find someone to do the job and then get rid of him but I don't mind it. I keep looking for work and in fact I just had another call for another interview and this one is a huge company. I will go and work there until something better is found.
(Photo: The Asian part of the former Soviet Union which is now part of The Russian Federation is seen in red in this map. There are small and big countries there and they mostly have good relationship with Russia. The majority have Turkic-family language but of course speak Russian as well) 

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