Monday, August 12, 2019

$15.5 an Hour after 18 Years!

I decided to try one of the recruiting companies which I actually had not had a good experience with after sending numerous resumes out and getting only two non-resultant interviews!
The outcome was even worse this time! I was introduced to a nice company by them 2 years ago but despite my efforts I was asked not to continue because according to the company guy, I was different from anyone else! This time the start time and the shift sounded good but the wage was only $15.5! Considering that minimum wage in the province is $15, it was really stupid and cruel but I wanted to give it a try. So I was there on time and it was a rundown and old building. I compare it to the past job. That company supplies to a major American retailer and can't even be compared with this one which mostly the broke and deadbeat go to!
What I had to do was simply unloading trucks from numerous boxes they carry. It was a very tiring, repetitive job with no scheduled break and mandatory unscheduled overtime! I was supposed to finish at 15:30 but I finally left at 17:00. The guy, a short Punjabi with a half-wrapped(!) turban wanted me to stay and clean first but then let me go! The supervisor/manager was obviously a Caucasian guy who barely showed on the floor. I guess only twice. He asked me if everything was OK before he left and I said it was. He said he would see me on Mon. They were in need of people because Christmas is approaching and most of the retailers are getting ready for the season. So I guess it was not very pleasant for them when I didn't show up on Mon. although I had called the night before. The problem with this disgusting companies and the trashy recruiting company is that they hire people with minimum possible wage and make them work for Christmas and then kick them out.
I was so tired that I barely could move after 10 hours of working. So I decided to deprive them from having the pleasure of my work. At least the asshole, greedy, bastards had to work understaffed for one day, I'm sure. The funny thing is on the day I worked, the supervisor, the old Caucasian fella held a so-called meeting and told the guys that they had to work faster! He said that it didn't make sense that they stayed overtime every day! Not sure if that helped or not but I doubt it did. I'm just getting a bit better today. My back was hurting the most because of bending so many times. One guy, an asshole, from the recruiting company called me and asked me why I had not gone to work. That was not the guy who hired me. I realized that he had gone when I e-mailed him because an auto reply indicated that he would be away. I explained to the guy that I had called both them and the damn company but he said that was not enough(!) and he terminated(!) my job at the distribution center and added that no more work would be given to me by them! The first part I didn't understand because if I indicate that I'm not willing to work for a client, what does cancelling y agreement for working for them means! The second part I understand but I don't just give a rat's ass! I should've told me but I'm conservative.  Perhaps one day I need them again but first I have to be crossed out from their Black List!
(Photo: Ever wonder why Canadians love Black people so much? Because they're good labourers. They work hard, like a horse, with minimum wage, in worst condition and with no compliant. No offence but if you're intelligent and try to get something that Caucasian Canadians do, it's not so easy. One of the main guys over there, beside a few others, was a Black fella who worked like a robot. I could never be like him. Refer to my post in regards to when Canadians will like you!)

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