Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Quickest Hiring Ever!

Canadians, mostly, when it comes to labour job, they all become nice and friendly to you because they want you to do that. They don't like to see you in suit and tie and nice dress shoes, clean shaven with a nice hair cut, driving a shiny car. They want to see you below them: Shabby cloths, hard labour job which doesn't give you any opportunity to do anything else rather than eating a shit meal and going to bed for the next day's work, wrinkly and sad face, you name it. That's how Canadians like to see you in this country and I've written about that before. 
With that in mind I had applied for a job of that nature a little more than a week ago and I received a call from a lady in regards to that, last week. She invited me to an interview to a town near Calgary. I always wanted to live in a town at least 30 minutes outside the city limits and I thought that would be a good opportunity to start a job and then buy a nice and comfortable property there and get rid of this nasty city!
I was there on time and it was a huge facility. I was greeted by the receptionists and it didn't take a long time that the lady showed up. She asked a number of question and soon realized that she didn't have to ask the rest! She then took me for a quick tour. The job looked horrible, quite similar to what I did a few weeks before but the facility was ten times bigger! She then introduced me to a big guy with a chain and a pair of cold blue eyes! We had a little chat and passed me back to the lady. She then asked me to do a drug test and that was quick! There was a device and I didn't even have to go to a laboratory or something! I had to do the test twice because the first time it did not come out and even though I did that two times, it didn't take more than 20 minutes and done! I was drug free. I was let go after that and in less than half an hour I received a telephone call from the lady and I was told that I had been hired! 
It seems to me that they need people for their busy season which is coming up soon. They hire a herd and then kick them out, most of them, one after another and keep the favorite ones. You may wonder who the favorite ones are. I tell you. First of all they keep Caucasians for their key and easy jobs such as supervisors and lead-hands as well as lift-truck operators and maintenance and repair guys. Then there will be the turn for Africans. They work like a horse and they even eat less than a horse! They need no shoes, no PPE and even no cloths! All you have to do is just to show them what to do and they imitate until you tell them to stop! The third place belongs to Punjabi Indians. These people are the favorite of all, but of course fall one step below Africans. A Punjabi is quick similar to Africans with a few minor differences: They need no haircut, no shaving, no shaving cream and razor, no soap and shampoo, they only eat a small bowl of Lentils or Chickpeas and they are happy like they are eating in Gordon Ramsey's restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada!  
Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in Los Vegas Boulevard. I've been to the city but not to the restaurant but I will go to the city again and I will for sure visit the restaurant if it is still up and running  

I still have a few days to decide if I want to work in that miserable place or I prefer to work in the miserable place that I am at the moment! I also have an upcoming interview, again for the same type of shit job but what can I do? After more than 2 months all I have had so far was two interviews for my own field and both led to nothing. I have to get settled and earn some dollars to get back to regular life. 
(Photo: I selected this cartoon, courtesy of the artists, because the interviewer asked me if I had to deal with a difficult customer. I told her that I had to deal with a difficult co-worker and pointed at The Farm Boy story)

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