Friday, August 16, 2019

The Brave Offers a Job!

The Brave called me the other day and asked me how job searching was going. I immediately realized that he needed something because he only calls when he is in need of something, most of the time! If he needs his driveway to be shoveled, new items that he has purchased to be moved or his pets to be fed! But it's OK. He's a nice guy. I told him that job searching was not going well and I still was looking.
He said that he had a job for me and that was taking care of his sick kid. He had offered me the same job when I just had come back from the CFLRS but I refused at the time. This time, I'm in a much worse shape. I didn't get paid basically anything during the failed training and it has been over a month and a half that I have been looking for a job but nothing has been found. However I decided not to accept the position. Not because it's only two days a week. It's because it's very difficult to deal with that boy. If anything happens to him and it's possible, my ass would be on the line. Therefore when he called I told him that I needed to think about it and my excuse was the online course I'm taking.
I have seen how this poor young man behaves in the public. It could be difficult to control him especially now that he has grown and became heavier. He eats like a pig at times and does not have much activity. Once we were at a restaurant and he started acting crazy. He kept called the waiter and asking for 7 Up! The guy was going to get a can and The Brave told him that it was not good for him! And the boy kept saying! He would jump up the seat and would yell: 7 Up! And the poor waiter would come back. The Brave eventually lost his cool and threw a kick at the boy from underneath the table! The boy, in return, and he's smart in this part, shouted and pulled his legs back to avoid the hit! Then he was calm for a bit and we finished the meal and went to the counter to pay the bill. The Brave let him loose(!) and I looked back and the boy was at a family's table gazing at them with a big grin on his face! They were wondering what was going on and what he wanted. The Brave went and got him! I think he even explained what it was and what the problem was with the poor boy but it was like talking to the wall! We were in an ethnic restaurant that people are amongst the most ignorant in the world! So I don't even know why he bothered with explaining the boy's problem!
Young Iranian soldier at Iranian-Pakistani border pointing his Avtomat Kalashnikov at an unseen target. The two countries have had conflicts but it has never been very bad. It appears that they have gotten closer and friendlier recently. 
With that in mind, I would never go for a job like that even if I'm paid $100 per day which I think he said was for only 4 hours. It always is like that. It is 4 hours and every day there's something that extends your hour and you get stock and you don't get paid for the extra hours. This is in addition to the problem that the boy has. 
I made my story and called him yesterday to let him know that I do not accept the job. To my surprise he was calm and accepted my rejection! I said that I appreciated he was trying to help me but I had registered for this course and paid more than $2300 (which is true) and only have a little to finish it. He was OK with it but then he started his delusional stories! First he said that I should join Iranian Army! I, first thought that he was joking but he was dead serious! I didn't get why he was saying that. He was mentioning the recent conflict between India and Pakistan and connected that to Jews and then Saudi Arabia and Israel and Bangladesh and finally said that there will be soon a nuclear war! 
He was going on and on and I occasionally would confirm by simply saying " Yeah " or laughing as he was laughing or showing signs of sympathy! I try to stop him a few times but it was not easy. I finally managed to say goodbye. He invited me to his place again, and I know that is genuine but I told him that I don't feel right to go there and disturb his family. I think he likes that I agree with him and listen to him as not many people do. Sometime I like to go there but both his stories and his sick boy could be a nuisance! 
(Photo, top: This map shows the conflicted area between Pakistan and India. The two countries, which used to be one, by the way, have fought wars to gain control over this region, a number of time in the past 50 years or so)

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