Sunday, August 18, 2019

Was Interviewed by Sexist Bastards!

There was a position posted in a website about two weeks ago which looked like a perfect match for me and I applied for it, like many others. I didn't hear anything from the guys and after a week saw the position was posted again. Considering that the name of the company, their HR person and their telephone number was available, I called to see if they have hired anyone. A man answered the phone and said that no one had been hired. I asked if the HR fella was available and he said that he would be available after the meeting that he was attending at that moment. I told him I would be there in the afternoon.
The company is located in the industrial part of the city. I waited a few minutes and then the guy showed. He acted nicely and politely and asked me to wait, sitting in a room for a minute. He came back with another guy, both holding a copy of my resume. They both were in the same age range, late 50's, early 60's. Questions started and they were both very nice and friendly, smiling and taking short notes. The conversation somehow then was directed to the point that the first guy, the HR fella said that the other one didn't want to hire any woman! That was when I realized why a man had answered my telephone call! I was quite surprised that in a country which they talk about diversity and homosexuals and other " different " sort of people, these two talk like this and the company in fact doesn't have any female employee! I understand that they are both old and still live in the 60's and also understand that most of these nonsense that the government and organizations are saying are just for the show but I still had difficulty to believe that! It doesn't have anything to do with my interview but the other thing that the guy said was that the first time that he had seen my resume, he considered me over-qualified and all then many of the questions he asked was somehow to see what my background was and prove that he was right! He asked me what I had done before I started working that warehouse job and then he told me that their wages were not too high! In the meantime he added that there were many people in the company who were ready to retire and the guy in charge of the position that I had applied for, was willing to move to another department. They told me they would contact me as they had to talk to other people in the company and I left. It's a weekend now and I was hoping them to call me on Fri. and tell me to start on Mon. but seems that they went with " Overqualified " conclusion that they had. 
(Photo: The issue of sexism is ordinary in male dominant societies such as Iran, Afghanistan, most of Arabic-speaking countries and many southeastern Asian countries. Canada and Western countries, have made some progresses in that area bu they still have many issues)

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