Monday, August 05, 2019

My Band

I decided to sell my wedding band a few years ago. The whole world crumbled around me after The Lady left. Everything, perhaps almost everything has been a downhill from then. I thought to myself: What's the point of having this band? The Lady's gone, Life's almost gone and I'll never be able to find someone like her. So I'd be better, if I sold it. 
Therefore I checked into a so-called gold store. The fella did a test and confirmed that it was 18K gold. I was quite happy at the time because we had purchased that in Honar Bazaar (The Market of Art) in Isfahan and there were news that some jewelers are selling kind of fake items such as jewelry which in fact has less gold that what they claim but it was not true about my band. I and The Lady purchased ours after extensive searched in that market. Honar Bazzar is a market solely for jewelry and to be specifically for gold because that is what people mostly like or care about in that part of the world. I guess she had gotten rid of hers way before she left me although she later regretted that but it was late. I regretted that too and I still regret it today but it's gone! 
She was doing wired things at times, including not wearing her wedding band but wearing her engagement ring which was diamond and I knew she liked it very much! What happened between us is not the subject of this post but I wanted to briefly refer to that as well. 
The guy said that he would pay around $330 for it! I had looked at their website and the price of gold for every gram at the time was indicated $43 but he said it was $38. I told him that I would rather to keep it and left. Same story in another store and this guy offered something around $318! I left as well! It's not that I don't need the money or can do something with the band. It's not that it reminds me of The Lady. I have memories of her that I'm thinking of her every day and night. It's just I thought they were not being honest and wanted to cheat me. 
(Photo: I like this band. It's not mine of course but mine is as thick as this one)

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