Friday, September 17, 2021


I was watching something in YouTube a couple of weeks ago and somehow was introduced to this crazy guy who established a Black Metal band in the early 90's, called Burzum. The whole band is comprised of this Norwegian guy named Varg Vikernes. His biography is available on the net and there's no need to repeat it here but just to let you know that he has spent few years behind the bars for the crimes he's committed!

First of all I didn't know that Metal music is common in northern Europe or to be specific in  Scandinavian countries! I always was under the impression that it was a British and American thing! Apparently I'm wrong! There're bands (or there were, when Metal was more popular) from Norway, Sweden and other countries in the region, probably. Metallica's drummer is a Danish fella. These bands like other bands in other corners of the world have had their feud and in one of the related arguments or similar, Varg stabs(!) another band's member and kills him! This is not his only hanous act, he burnt churches down and he also has been charged with hate against Jews and Muslims, I think but again his biography is available and I'm not going to narrate it here.
After finding singles and albums of him on YouTube and listyening to them, I went to a Sunrise Rercords store, the only movie and music store in Canada now, to see if they have any album of his or to be exact the album that I had listedned to on YouTube: Hvis Lyset Tar Oss which means If the light takes us. The answer was no. They neither have it nor can order it for me. 
I also introduced that to my new frined, whom i went to the last hike with and I'd call him Stout and he got all excited and decided to buy CDs. We still haven't found any safe source to use our credit cards but we will. 
Perhaps I can buy it directly from a store in the US or Europe when I'm there.
(Photo: Vikernes at 18 or 19. I guess it was also the age that he got in troble by killing a guy! He spent quite a time in jail. Now he lives in France and I saw a new clip of him discussing Capitalism, which was not bad)

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