Sunday, September 26, 2021

CFLRS Notes (44): The Chinese Psychologist!

There's a big population of the Chinese in CAF! In fact the Chinese are the second largest race in the Canadian Armed Forces after the Anglo Caucasians. The third place belongs to Franco Caucasians.  The term " the " was used because by Chinese I means the Chinese how are born here in Canada or lived in Canada long enough to become a Canadian citizen and you know that once you're a Chinese who is a Canadian citizen, you can't have a Chinese passport and if you intend to go to China, you'd need to apply for visa. The Chinese Government does not recognize dual citizenship. 
I'm not sure if the Government of Canada is concerned about the number of the Chinese in their armed forces or not but with all these stories about China spying on everything, looks like they should! It's been four  years now that I was honorably discharged from the forces, based on my request, but as far as I remember there were as many as 3 Chinese in the two platoons that I served. The first one had a Chinese old man and Chinese pretty young girl. The man somehow got ill and ended up in a hospital outside the school and I never saw him. The girl, I'd assume, graduated.
We got an ugly stuttering Chinese girl in the second platoon that once, I can't recall, said that she was a graduate of psychology. We all know what that means: No degree related job, particularly for a mumbling, short, ugly Chinese girl. No disrespect but that's true. During some physical training we had to run a number of obstacles including a monkey bar. When it was her turn, she went 1/3 of the distance and couldn't hold it anymore and landed on her neck! It was beautiful scene, I'm not going to lie! She had difficulty standing up and looked like she wanted to burst into tears but somehow controlled herself! 
I don't remember what happened to her, after that. Unpleasant people are not important to be remembered! The only reason why she came back in mind was the scene, the beautiful scene(!), that she was about to break her neck! Going to CFLRS was one of my life's mistakes because I did that late. I would've had a better chance if I had started the first time I wanted and that was 2010 but I refused to go because I got married. It's useless to talk about the past now. I'm just learning from my mistakes but I know for sure that it was a right decision not to pursue a career with CAF. If you think it's for you, go ahead. Enjoy your career.
(Photo: For the ones who don't know, this is what monkey bar is. You'd need to hang, change your hands and move forward. The only difference between this photo and what we had in CFLRS is that there was no water or it'd have been much more interesting!)

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