Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Examinations and Inspections of the Week

I've wasted a valuable year and a a half compactly! It was from Feb.2016 to Aug. 2017! Not that the other periods of my life has never gone to waste! Most of my life has been just the true definition of wasteful but that year and a half was stupid and avoidable! I was waiting to be called to CAF and I thought I would make it through and become an officer!! What a stupid dream! I abandoned everything and wasted the entire valuable time, not knowing that I would not be able to finish CFLRS and would go back home after 5 freaking months with my tail between my legs! I was full of energy, experience and had studied a lot and although the market was bad and my occasional application didn't get me anywhere, I should not have diverted from my path. 
I really like the way CWB has established the practical test. I'm not going to write about the detail but if you actually have done some inspections using the common tools, you'd find it easy
Why am I writing this here today is because I wrote my CWB Level I Inspector examination today and it was not difficult. I have a little chance to pass and why is that because I had not studied well! I should've done this back in 2016! It was done today after 5.5 years of delay! I had studied a lot in the field during 2013 to 2016, I had written Steel Welding Supervisor Certificate exam. and had passed it (after the 2nd attempt for 1 exam. out of 5, only), a had done lots of studies of AWS and even did an online course and all of sudden: Poof! Everything was left untouched! 
I have a little hope(!) to pass this combination of exam.-inspection today and even if I don't, I will study again and I will pass. I was very reluctant even to go to the session yesterday. I knew there would be a penalty for that (I think one guy was missing today) and I was going to make an excuse but got a hold of myself(!) and said: I've talked to the mumbling, stuttering(!) supervisor and I have taken the damn day off, I've studied a bit, maybe not as much as I should've but at least I know what'd be going on and what's that I'd lose? If anything, I'd be familiar with the exam and would be helpful if I have to re-write. And I did. And I'm glad that I did. I'll wait for the result.
(Photo: It's no secret that to have the CWB Level I Inspector certificate, you'd need to do a couple, or more, depending on your application, examinations and a practical inspection. The test goes on a sheet such as the picture)

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