Saturday, September 25, 2021

Workplace Stories (23): Lunch & Learn

The horrifying(!) memories of mine from the time I worked for the so-called engineering company will probably never leave me. The animals that I saw there and had to work with are amongst the worst that I've ever seen in my life either here in Canada or in the old country.
Incompetent, stupid, pretentious, rude, belligerent(!), inconsiderate, racist, self-centered, you name it! They had it all. They were, the majority of them, would say at least 90% of them, graduates of 3rd ranked schools in Canada and anywhere else in world! Some didn't even had a degree! Lakehead University in Ontario was (and probably still is) amongst the contributors to this shitty company. There were many people, who had barely finished high school or had a degree from an unknown school, from former Eastern Block. The countries which are known European but are at the same level as Bangladesh, Burkina Faso and Bhutan! The only difference between them and the first one is Bangladesh's overpopulated! Otherwise they're as poor as the country but because they're " ATTACHED " to Europe, they think they're European! Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, former Yugoslavia and other shit-holes at that part of the world!  
With that in mind, there was this occasional even at the company that a group of employees (experts!) from different department would get together for something called " Lunch & Learn ". This was supposed to be a sort of self-learning/discussion group. Instead the motherfucker, nasty, cheap animals would order vomit-causing, cheap Pizza, start devouring(!) and bullshit each other! There was one particular motherfucker male whore whom I like to name here, Slobodan, who was the worst. A big ass-kisser to the Germans who would suck every cunt and dick to go up the ladder of success and that's what he had done! 
I was sitting to the head of our department during one of this disgusting get-together when the shit Pizza arrived. The 4th World Eastern Europeans(!) attacked and I was sitting back. The supervisor asked me if I would wanted a slice and I shock my head. I sat quietly and watched them getting that vomit-causing shit down and felt sorry for myself! The stupid thing is the meeting was called " Lunch and & Learn "!!! Not even " Learn & Lunch "!!! This proves how stupid those filthy animals were! Lunch was more important that learning! 
I felt sorry for myself that had to wait 5 years to get my immigration visa and then sit at the same table with motherfucker, nasty whores who just with a little lie and kissing a number of buts where at the same table! I wish I could kick every and each motherfucker animal in that room in the neck so hard that they would have to spend the rest of their filthy and nasty life on wheelchair and would never be able to walk a step ever again. Cheap, filthy animals are the worst and there're millions of them in Canada. I loathe you filthy cheap animals of Canada
(Photo: I, of course, cannot provide a photo of the cheap nasty shit [called pizza!] that those motherfucker Eastern European shitheads were devouring! Instead I have a photo of the vegetarian pizza that I made once. I made the crust from whole wheat floor and all you cans see is fresh vegetables. I also made the sauce using tomato paste and other ingredients. It was so delicious)

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