Saturday, September 11, 2021

The Country of many Lowlife Losers!

Canada and United States, without a doubt, have both been established by people who had difficulty living in the old continent (Europe) and were looking for opportunities and better life. The history of the two country, of course is different but that was the mail reason why people came to the New World. This story still continues. The only difference is now because people are coming form all corners of the world, mostly from devastated countries, either by war, corrupt governments or sh*t economy, these two countries, particularly Canada has been turned to a massive sh*thole! Bulsh*ts such as inclusion, multiculturalism, no room for favoritism and lack of discrimination is just good for governments to spend their time on and allocate budget! All of the above and even worse happens on daily basis and is the inseparable part of the society. If there's inclusion, then why the hell do we have Chinatown in every major North American city?! Majority of the Chinese don't speck more than Hello and Hi after decades of living in North America and don't interact with anyone in any manner, by the Chinese. Is that the definition of multiculturalism and inclusion?! I even know a Chinese fella from work who is born here in Canada and he's more Chinese than the peasants who go to east of China in flocks to work in the sweatshops! Eating cheap Chinese food (mainly noodles, rice and a few pieces of vegetables or old crap meat!), addicted to gambling (like many Chinese are!), dressing like a hobo (and he's so proud of it!), greedy as f*ck! (does everything that you can imagine to make some extra bucks (currently has two mortgages!) and any other sh*t habit that other Chinese own and are so proud of it.
Many people come to Canada with nothing, either immigrant or refugee. Coning as a refugee is much easier. Everyone knows that. You only need a salable story! Everyone got one! And I don't think the Government of Canada isn't aware of the lies that people weave(!) to make it to the country! They need population and they need cheap labour. They get them both! Here are examples of the claims:

1- I am a homosexual and I like to take it up in the a*s! Homosexuality is not accepted where I lived

2- I'm Christian and I was being discriminated against, because of my religion

3- My life was in danger (very general - try different reasons!). I once met an asshole who was a seaman on a commercial ship and when they anchored at a Canadian port, used this line with a little twist! This a*shole was a grandfather at the time and after he partially settled down, started chasing Native women! I guess ended up with a Chinese!

This short story that I'm going to tell here is about a fool, cheap, lowlife, as*hole who somehow ended up in northern Alberta where people used to (and some still do) make lots of money. He buys a BMW because he had never ridden a donkey(!), let alone driving a car in his country of origin(!) and was excited by the opportunities(!) that the Capitalism has given him! He drives a car for a while and he's happy until the time that the driver door breaks and he gets stuck! At this point he checks with a repair shop, possibly a delaer and he's said that it'd cost a bit more than $3000 to fix the door! As he's a cheap, d*ckhead, loser, he decides not to fix it and just goes in and gets out from the passenger side! 
(Photo: I visited BMW headquarters and meseum in 2014. This is a very nice and old modl of the car. Just putting here for you to see as I mentioned BMW in the post. Look at the hinge, the knob and the logo on the rear left tire)

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