Thursday, September 23, 2021

Why do Absurd Movies get Popular?

I finally watched Taxi Driver the other after all these things that everyone has talked about it. Not impressed at all! Were the acts good? Yes! Was the directing good? I think it was okay. How was the story? Same stupid crap that many other movies has presented that: One loner goes crazy and kills people! And the murdered ones are bad people! So he gets away and come out as an hero! They say the film was a debut for Jodie Foster. Alright. She only has a small role! Walks from here to there, talks to the character of De Niro, the crazy guy and at the end screams a few time! The story sucks big time! What's character, Betsy, intends to imply in this movie!? That Travis (De Niro) is stupid and socially akward because he takes her to a dirty movie?! And then he interacts with a presidential candidates and seems like he wants to assassinate him and then goes after pimps, bouncers and such! There's no trail or anything and he goes back to his normal life!!!
Why is this movie so important, I don't understand but what I know is I won't watch it again! If a movie is good, I usually watch it more than once and that's normally for two reasons: 1) I enjoy watching it, over and over. 2) It's not a stupid and easy and also I'd like to call it a superfacial(!) story. Taxi Driver does not fall under any of the said categories and doomed to be put aside! I think it's loved in North American culture because there's violence in it! If a movie doesn't have a killing scene, a making out or nude scene, it'd most likely have no chance at the box office!
One of the stupidest scenes in the history of cinema! The guy, a criminal goes to restrooma and leaves his gun outside! The other fella shows up and kills him with that! 
Look at movies such as Foxcatcher, Seven Years in Tibet and Valkerie. These are all great movies but because there's no excessive violence, sex scene or cursing in them, they hit the bottom! 
Another psycho who makes stupid, overrated and violence-encouraging movies is Q. Tarantino! This guy has this movie which I barely could finish it: Pulp Fiction and it's a hit in North America! Why because it has:
1) Drug use
2) Killing
3) Blood stains all over the place!
4) Male raping!
I guess people who are frustrated in their life as a result of lack of sucess, usually try to avenge someone. Some, in the US particularly, get a gun and go after innocent people. Some who don't have the guts or for another reason satisfy themselves by watching violent movies! 
(Photo, top: Scorsese, De Niro and Foster at the set of Taxi Driver)

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