Wednesday, November 24, 2021

766 Km (476 Mi) in one Day!

I'm in Carlsbad, NM now and back to Mountain Time! It was a very tiring day because I decided instead of flying to Albuquerque and coming down NM and reaching Pine Springs, TX, approach from west! That was because there's no direct flight from Calgary to Albuquerque. WestJest goes to L. A. and then passes you to an American airliner and they fly you to that city. Air Canada flies to Denver, CO and then pushes you further south. The latter is more expensive. I realized that the second option was better now that I have driven 776 km in less than 9 hours! Between the tiredness, road safety and cost of gasoline and food, it'd much better to take Air Canada option but that's lesson learnt too late! 
The drive was actually not bad because Texas Inter-State 10 West is wide and there was not much traffic. The problem started when I hit 289 North which is under construction and particularly the last 40 minutes which got dark and the road was reduced to 1 lane only! All the area around 289, all the way to NM is oil facilities and camps. I gotta get ready for tomorrow. I will write more later.
(Photo: Oil pump jack at the side of Highway 289 N in Texas which connects Fort Stockton, TX to Carlsbad, NM) 

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