Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Crazy Driving Day!

I'm writing from the second reserved hotel in Texas, in Downtown Austin now but I made a bad mistake! I thought I'd be okay to drive a long distance but I was wrong! I'm not a US driver! Some of these guys are really crazy and they have no respect for speed the posted speed. Besides there's not much enforcement on the roads! After checking out of Staybridge in NW Houston, I grabbed a breakfast, as they had nothing and then headed to Downtown Houston. Driving to any downtown in North America is not a wise thing because you either would not find a parking or the available space is usually unreasonably expensive. I parked on the street close to Toyota Center and went to the visitor information which was quiet and no one was there but the two fellas who were working there. Toyota Center, on the other hand, had a long line of youngsters all around it! Apparently a concert had been planned for the night.
Here's the crazy thing I did: I drove all the way to Galveston which took more than an hour but was very tiring. I parked on Seawall Boulevard and went for a short walk. Then started heading to Austin! It was crazy! Just when I was leaving the Gulf Freeway a crazy and stupid pick up driver with a trailer attached to it, missed me by a few feet only but hit a SUV just after 200 minutes and trow it down the road, just before me! The SUV was lucky that didn't roll and I was lucky that I reduced my speed. Otherwise it would've been a worse accident than what it was.
I'm too tired now and that's because of lack of enough sleep last night. So I'm going to prepare to sleep and will post more later.

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