Sunday, November 14, 2021

The Chinese-Vietnamese in Canada


Canada has developed itself to be the garbage can of the world(!) for decades now. Everyone who has an issue finds their way to this country and is accepted easily. Why? Because the country needs more people. More cheap labour, more population to consume the junk food and buy cheap houses and more people to bring revenue to the government!
Therefore it's not a surprise to find:
  • Child molesters
  • Corrupt cops and military officers (even engaged in genocide and war crime) 
  • Slum prostitutes and drug dealers
  • Professional thieves
  • Sex offenders 
  • Fundamentalists and extremists
  • Wife Abusers
And other sorts of evils in this country. Do the government and society care? No! The Government knows and doesn't care and the society looks at all of the foreigners with the same eye! They dislike them all! To them it doesn't matter if a person like me came as an immigrant after 5 years of sending documents, doing medical tests and such or a filthy pig who comes from slums of The Philippines! In fact they like the latter more because they know they would never be at the same level of them while I can be anything that a Canadian has been and better.
With that in mind I'm going to introduce a sort of scum here in Canada who are amongst the nastiest that you could find in this country and possibly the entire world: The Chinese-Vietnamese. How did the Chinese ended up in Vietnam? That might be the question. China became a Communist nation during the period of 1945-1950, shortly after the WWII (in fact the Second European War which was extended to the other parts of the world!) was ended. At the time the Chinese who were not in favour of the new system, tried to leave the country and some crossed into Vietnam in south. Amongst them is the father of this fella whom I know from work: A young Chinese guy who was born in Canada but is more Chinese than some of the peasants in China who come from west to east to work in major manufacturing industries of the country! He says that his father illegally entered Vietnam after the Chinese Communist Revolution and undoubtedly entered Canada illegally, again, years ago, probably a few years after Communists took over Vietnam in 1975
You look at this animal and you want to puke in his ugly face and shit in his bold head at the same time: Cheap, nasty human-like creature who have lived like a worm in mud for years. Still cannot talk like a normal human being after years and steals everything that he can and cheats whoever he is able to! His son, the guy who worked at the same place as I do, always wears shabby cloths and his sweatpants are hanging off his waist(!) but has two houses! He lives with his grandparents(!) in one and the other one is rented! He is addicted to gambling but the rummer around the work is that he has once won a big chunk in a casino and has used it as his mortgage down-payment for his second house! He claimed to be a graduate of ... from The University of Calgary (a Bachelor's degree) and has worked as a professional but has never tried to go back to his field after he was laid off! He claimed that his fella former classmates face uncertainty at their professional job and that is why he prefers this shitty job, working besides the slum residents of the Philippines! He claims that his wife works for a high-end designer shop and makes good money and they're doing well the way they're doing! A true pig who enjoys nasty food on daily basis! I guess that's true when they say: Like Father, like son!
(Photo: Chinese-Vietnamese border, of course in south of China. This was where people skip and enter Vietnam and also the Chinese would send ammunition and weapons to NVA during Vietnam War, of course. The role of former USSR cannot be denied but that is a different story)

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