Friday, November 26, 2021

Stress in Austin

I'm back in Austin and I'm going to settle down here until I fly out of the US because this processes of getting a room, checking in and checking out and carrying your stuff, is stressful and exhausting. When I first arrived in the vicinity of the city, I decided to find a place. The useless, stupid GPS directed me to two wrong addresses! I think I'd need to update the damn thing when I get back. Then I found a hotel and tried to book for Covid-19 Test because I apparently need that to go back. I tried Target and Wal-Mart pharmacy and both said they didn't have. An urgent care center, close to the hotel offered the test for $300! I then went to a Walgreen and there I was told that I had to book online. 
Booking online, after I got the room was a disaster because the online questionnaire is designed for a resident of the US not a Canadian! I eventually was able to register by going around some parts or altering answers(!), with the hope that I'd not affect the result. The stupid website didn't even send me a confirmation! I guess we'll see tomorrow.
(Photo: Downtown Austin at Colorado River. This actually is a nice city and should be visited in summer to enjoy the most of it. On the other hand this river, Colorado River doesn't look to be the very one that I saw when I went to Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park!) 

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