Tuesday, December 07, 2021

2021's Christmas Party

My employer decided to have the Christmas party on the premises this year and for that, they did a little decoration, put chairs, tables, speakers and even a screen in the main work area! That, of course seemed ridiculous but imagine how much money they saved in comparison to renting a venue! But that was not it! We were expecting at least edible food but it was beyond bad!  Then snacks were brought in and added and we were told that food would be provided as well. But what was the food? Food from a food truck! I have never tried a food truck in my entire life but I didn't know it could be that bad! I'm the kind of person who barely eats out because I don't believe majority of restaurants provide healthy, nutritious and delicious food and I have to say the food provided by this food truck, which is not necessary to say its name, was one of the worst that I have ever had in my entire life, anywhere in the world! And I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that way. Even the Filipinos and the Chinese, who normally eat everything you give them for free(!), complained about the damn food!
That was not the highlight of the so-called party! We had singing and dancing by employees as well! Singing, basically, was performed by a number of losers(!) who lip-singed a number of songs from the text!! Can you imagine that?! Imagine a loser, who can not sing and only lip-sings and then add the person reading the lyrics from a screen that everyone can see! 
A few loyal(!) employees were given an award after that. It was for their long service at the company. A group dance was the next entertainment(!) and finally the prize draw which I think was the part that everyone was waiting for! One food sucks and dancing is even below average, what else is left but a prize that you can take home? The draw is designed in a way that the majority of the employees win a prize and then there're three main items, the most expensive ones, which is kept at the end and everyone could win. my buddy, The Stout won the last prize which was a big (but cheap!) television. I won a nice H. H. windbreaker which I later checked and realized that it was worth $120! I was quite surprised and happy although I have 2 at home! The rest was some other nonsense which is not worth even writing but despite the food which  was a total disappointment and the entertainment which was lame, I think the gift compensated for all! 
(Photo: The food truck plate! I'm not writing the price because I don't wanna reveal the truck but I am shocked that people who own this so-called business are in fact in business! I mean who eats this expensive, ugly, tasteless crap?! Apparently there're losers who do!)

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