Thursday, December 30, 2021

An Incident just before the New Year

I lef home this morning almost at the same time as every day. By the time I reached the main road, I had three lights on my dash! Check Engine, which had come up earlier and I've written about it, ABS and Hand Break!! I check my hand break and it was not engaged and my car isn't even equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Breaking System) but because it's an standard Toyota dash, the light is there and it proves that it only is a mulfunction. Two of the lights were turned off after a few soconds and I continued with the only one on. The drive seemed normal to me but when I pulled into a spot in the parking lot of work, someone called me and pointed at one of the tires! The rear pasenger tire was completely deflated! How didn't I feel anything? And why didn't the car's dash show anything?! Another proof that the dash ssytem is mingled up! 
When I pulled into a spot in the parking lot of work, I was shown the back of my vehicle! What did I see? A flat tire!! How the hell didn't I feel anything during the entire drive! I talked to a few people at work and everyone offered help but then I went out by myself later and replaced the tire with the spare. Then I called a nearby shop and they squeezed me in. I drove to the shop, left the car and they were nice enough to send me to work on Uber! getting the car was a different story, I could ask people to give me a ride bacuse it's close but just like the way I changed the tire, I thought I should get the car by myself. So I bundled up and stepped out. Although it was only 15 minutes or a little more, I have to admit that it was not such a pleasant walk! The sidewalks were not cleared. I had to walk by the street and although the drivers were careful, if anyone had lost control, they would have hit me from the back. My hands were only spots which were cold but then my face started to be cold and I was there! 
When I get the car back, they didn't even charge me! It was amazing while the bill read $35! I thanked them and left. It was something that almost never happens! 
(Photo: Different warning signs on a Toyota dashboard. I don't know how old this guide is and I don't know if I have all in my old car)

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