Saturday, December 18, 2021

The Weird Florida Lad

I bumped to a strange fella on my drive to western Texas during my trip. I stopped at a resting area to stretch my legs and have a little walk. The weather was nice. Not too cold, not too hot. no wind. Just a breathe. I snapped a few shots, as usual and then noticed someone was backing up towards my parked rental car very slowly. I first paid no attention and kept getting away from the car and looking for photography options. 
When I came back I saw someone kneeling in front of my rental car doing something to the grill! That was the driver of the backing car! His car was parked a few feet away from mine. I asked him what he was doing and he jumped up and walked to his car and got in! I didn't realize what detrimental act that was at the moment! It could've been deadly! I was in the States! Everyone could be armed! I could've been lying dead there even now after a few weeks! So I chased the guy and asked him what he did to the car. He said nothing and I threatened him that I would call the police and took a picture of his licence plate. He kind of stepped out and said something about bees, went back in and drove off.
I didn't know whether I should call the cops or drop it. Walked back to the car and examined the front. I didn't notice anything but a couple of giant bees! Nothing has happened so far(!) but I remember it was a tall and thin Caucasian fella in a white short sleeved t-shirt, shaved head and face and nothing else. Still cannot figure out what the hell that was about!
(Photo: My Rental Camry. Such a wonderful car which I enjoyed driving from east to west of Texas and back. It was here in this resting area where that lad looked like he was tampering with the car! I do have a photo of his licence plate but I don't think there's a need to post it here unless someone has gone some similar situation and suffered a loss and needs my help) 

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