Saturday, December 04, 2021

Wild-dead more than Wildlife!

One thing that I noticed a lot during my long road trip in Texas last week was the number of dead animlas on the state's highways. It was aweful. At times I couldn't say what it was because it had been hit so many times and some badly that nothing was left to recognize but from the numerous pieces I saw there was anything from Deer, Armadilo and Rakoon to other smaller annd bigger creatures. 
I do, however, came across a few beautiful wildlife including a mammale with long, sharp horns, Zebbra(!) and a few more but unfortunatrely there was no safe spot, mostly at the side of the road to pull over and snap a shot or I was in a hurry! I'm sure that I'll go back to Texas one day agaion and I will make sure I will look for good opportunities to catch wildlife. What I'm not sure about is whether the State of Texas does anything to prevent this masacre or not! Everywhere I drove, every road, it was fenced but animals do jump to go to the other side. This problem, as far as I know has been looked after in Alberta. I guess what we have here is called a Safe Cooridor and governments have spent millions to protect wildlife. You come accross a dead animal though, once in a while but not to the extent of Texas but we need to keep in mind that Texas, the biggest state of the US but only a few squre kilometers bigger than Alberta. The difference is Texas is streatched from west to east and Alberta from south to north.
(Photo: This deer was in the middle of Texas Highway # 290 when I was driving east somewhere between the town of Harper and the town of Fredricksburg. The road was so quiet that I had the chance to stop and take this shot. It looked like it had been hit just recently, perhaps the night before)

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