Saturday, December 11, 2021

Hilton DoubleTree, Austin, TX

I stayed one night in downtown Austin. Don't be alarmed! I payed that with Air Miles! I drove to the gulf area, Gulf of Mexico or to be exact the Town of Galveston on my second day of my trip to Texas and it was not such a wise idea(!) because I had to be in Austin the same night and you can't see much of the gulf area in a few hours but I went anyways and will have a post for that. My destination on that night was a luxury hotel in downtown Austin, called Hilton Doubletree.
I reached Austin when it was dark and considering the autumn (or as they say here, fall) it must not have been later than 18:30 because there was still traffic in the area. I pulled in front of the main entrance and tried to find a spot to park. I was told that only Valet Parking was available! I asked about the alternatives and I was told by the receptionist that I could park a block away, on the street but I would have to feed the meter as early as 07:00 next morning! Imagine you're on vacation and want to relax but you gotta wake up early, put your cloths on, go many levels down, walk on the street for 5 to 10 minutes to insert coin in a meter (or pay by card) and come all the way back! That would extremely stupid and totally unacceptable. Valet Parking would charge US $40 which I didn't want to pay. So I asked for another option and I was told that there was a covered parking just at the other side of the street for US $20
I had a few minutes to visit The State of Texas Capitol the next morning after my stay in Hilton Doubletree. This interesting statement is on the wall of one of the buildings. I think it was the library. There's so much to see and read in this area and it's highly recommended to the visitors to the State of Texas
I chose that which eventually cost me a little more than CAN $24. My suite and it actually was a suite was on the 7th floor and not bad but I could have been given a better place with a better view. I don't know why I didn't ask for it. Not sure if I would have been given. The suite was huge. Bigger than many one-bedroom apartments you see people here live in: A big living room with television, coffee table and everything else, a big bedroom with a king size bed, a set of drawers and another television and a big bathroom which was bigger than my bigger bathroom in this house! The guests in the hotel were all wealthy ones who didn't care to pay US $40 for a night of parking and although it was not very busy at the time, I saw a few. I, unfortunately, stayed only one night at the hotel and I must add that breakfast was not included but the hotel has a bar and possibly a kitchen for serving food. I left early because I had to go to my next destination but if you don't care about money this is a good hotel to stay at and everything is nearby. I in fact would love to stay in the hotel one more night and be able to take a few photos from the top levels. 
(Photo, top: This was taken from my room in the hotel. I had never heard of this bank. Perhaps it's the one which only operates in this state. The state's flag is on the top. I parked my car, or to be correct, the rental car in the parking of this building which one I saw the bill in my credit card statement, is named as Wells Fargo Building. I know Wells Fargo is a big financial company in the states. I think the Future Shop card had been issued and supported by this company, one it existed! Many probably don't even recall Future Shop)

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