Friday, December 10, 2021

Strolling in Austin

I had two days in Austin, TX before heading back home and although it became a bit stressful because of the damn PCR Test that I had to take, in order to be allowed on the plane, I had a chance to check a few places and I gotta say, I liked the city and if any chance presents itself in future, I'll visit the city again. The thing is I was supposed to see the Little Pika in there but he was on a trip to the old country and despite the fact that he gave me his son's and his wife's number (which was his own number but she was using it at the time) I changed the entire plan which basically was paying for two nights hotel! I told him that I was not going to the city and that was because I sensed and I'm sure I was right, that he and/or his family didn't want me to go there while he was away. I tried the damn number of his a few times and his wife never picked up! 
Nevertheless I went to a park in downtown and take a few photos on the first night. The interesting thing is unlike Calgary there are spots in downtown that you can park for free and go for a walk. Calgary used to be like that when I arrived here first and then was changed. Now you need to watch the assholes of Calgary Parking Authority as they might sneak on you any time to tag you! That put aside, I also had a chance to check two major retailers that I had not been to: H. E. B. and Whole Foods. Although it was Black Friday, I didn't aim for any major shopping though.
Texas Red Grapefruit, I had been told is the best. I've never seen it in any grocery store here in Alberta. 

Whole Foods is a very big (as usually everything is in the US) supermarket which mainly, as far as I realized, sells the sort of food which is not chemically changed, I'd say. I only bought a bottle of Organic Tea and something else, which I don't remember but when I asked for Whole Grain Pizza, they didn't have it. The customers of Whole Foods are wealthy people or the ones who put a budget for safe food aside, every month. I don't know anything about other parts of Canada but in Calgary we have Community Natural Food and Blush Lane which both provide Organic Food. If I go to Austin again, I'll make sure that I will shop at Whole Foods. The other supermarket which was bigger and I had never been to was H. E. B. This one was a good store as well. Something like Safeway but much bigger. I bought a bag of Texas Grapefruit, a  clam of Mexican Guava and a calender, all for reasonable prices. 
I didn't try any restaurant or even a fast food joint during my stay because I uusally get by without them but if I go to the city again I"m certain that there're many places that I can try. The hotel's breakfast was not too bad in comparrison to the other ones that I had been to but not very healthy. So I skipped that after the 2nd night of stay. 
(Photo, top: Downtown Austin at Colorado River. It was a cloudy evening and rain had just been stopped but desirable temperature. 

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