Sunday, November 30, 2003


Yesterday, Nov.29.03 was the second anniversary of my immigration to Canada. 2 years ago I was dropped in Calgary International Airport by Air Canada and went to Super 8 Motel and stayed 2 nights there and the Persian-Canadian version of life began.
Also George Harrison, a member of the most famous rock 'n roll band of all time, The Beatles passed aways 2 years ago in such a day. There are songs of them that are still fresh and lovely and I sometimes listen to them. One of them is: Love me do. The song was recorded in Sep.11.62 and was number 1 on the all the USA charts for 1 week and was in the list of 100 top songs for 14 weeks. I believe that only Pink Floyd, the other British music band is the one which can be compared to The Beatles. Will write about Pink Floyd and The Beatles later.
As yesterday was a special day for me(!!) I thought better to give me a special gift 'cause there's nobody to give me such a thing(!!) So what I did is I stayed overtime for 8 hours(!!) Yesterdays speciality is summarized here: Woke up at 05:35 AM, drove to Anderson LRT station, took the bus, worked from 07:00 AM to 04:00 PM like a horse, had a break for half an hour, started work at 04:30 PM again and worked till 01:15 AM of today while had two ordinary break in between.
So you see that it was a real special day. Ahmad, my Kurdish friend drove me to the station and I drove back home from there. It was 03:00 AM, I guess, by the time I was home. When I checked my mobile voice mail box, noticed have two new messages. The first one was only a Beep-Beep and guessed it's my Mom. The second one was from Renay, the beautifully, young, Indian girl from Edmonton. The message says her mom is passed away. I was very sad. I have to call her today, although she left me without a word. She's very sweet.
(Photo: George Harrison, the former member of The Beatles who died in Nov.29.03)