Friday, November 14, 2003

The End of an Era

Jean Chretien will no longer be the Prime Minister after Feb.04 and last night there was a tribute for him in Toronto and also there was a live show on CBC about him. He is taken over by Paul Martin as Liberal Party leader tonight. (More than 94% voted for him) Chretien was in politics for almost 40 years and has had many responsibilities in the Government. And it's said that the best decision that he has ever made is saying No to Americans. That's why I like him and I believe he did great job. But I can add that decision had a strong effect on US-Canada relationship. Canadians have to follow (or better to say obey!)Americans in many ways. It can be said, Canadians have to obey the US 'cause more than 80% of their export goes to America. Many of the businesses in Canada are ran by American company's. I just name some of them here and these are what you may in your daily life:
1- Wendy's (Fast food restaurants)
2- Esso (Gas stations)
3- GMC (Vehicles)
4- Safeway (Supermarkets)

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