Sunday, November 09, 2003

A Disgusting and Uncertain Source for Quality

I used to work in Quality field for at least 7 subsequent years in Iran and took 8 related courses here in Calgary at SAIT and studied different materials in this subject and I'm not like somebody who's in the dark. But this CQE primer by Quality Council of Indiana is awful. There are lots of grammatical, spelling and the most important, material errors and mistakes in it.
I mentioned some of the mistakes in my mail to the council. They accepted some and didn't some other. (mostly the material ones) This time what I'm doin' is I'm studying very carefully and reviewing all the sections (There are 11 of them) and jot down every single mistake and then will send a mail to the council and will give them a tasty, big piece of shit!
For this reason and also shortage of time ,I contacted ASQ and asked them to reschedule my exam. They did that for June.05.04, which is almost 6 months from now!!
So if you wanna study for quality, never go to that damn Council of Indiana. I think I should have bought ASQ reference. Although It's expensive. About US $580, if I remember. Which is almost CND $780!