Wednesday, November 26, 2003

M. J. in Trouble

Michael Jackson is in trouble for the second time in the last 10 years. He was arrested last week and is accused of child molestation. Police raided his ranch in Santa Barbara, CA and searched there for hours, while he was away. Jackson has built that place like a small Disneyland. Shorty after they arrested him and took him to court, handcuffed. He is freed now on a $3 million bail. We should wait and see what happens to this freaky boy!
I strongly believe that he's a loony! Does a normal person do what he has done to himself? Does he look like a human? Last year he dangled his kid, the youngest one, from a fourth floor balcony of a hotel in Germany. Just an insane man does that! After all, I also believe that he is a great pop star. His works like Thriller and The Ghost are astonishing. If it's approved that he's guilty, he will face 8 year in jail. That would be the end for the 45-year-old singer.
This happened to him exactly 10 years ago, in 1993 but the case settled privately. No one is aware of the detail. But seems he can't save his ass this time! Who knows?
(Photo: A handcuffed Michael Jackson is escorted to the court)