Sunday, November 02, 2003

Saeedi Sirjani

One of the girls that I used to talk to on the net or phone, among many, was Saye Saeedi Sirjani. She lives in Davis, CA. Once I read a short article in Gooya news, written by a woman called Faranak Irani. As her e-mail address was there I sent her a feedback about her writing which was about Zahra Kazemi and her stupid behavior in Tehran!
She replied back and revealed that she is Saye the daughter of Ali Akbar Saeedi Sirjani who was murdered in Tehran (Refer to this article for him and others who were murdered) years ago. She gave me her phone number and insisted me to call her.
I was very happy to find such a girl but after I found she was married, I was upset. You never know girls and never be able to predict their behavior!
(Photo: An undated photo of writer and poet, Akbar Saeedi Sirjani who was murdered in 1994)