Saturday, November 08, 2003

More on Hockey: Hockey Night in Canada

Sat. is Hokey Night in Canada. There are two live games in CBC. Tonight's are Edmonton at Toronto and Minnesota at Vancouver. Edmonton lost the game (I'm upset) and the second game's 1st period is over and Minnesota is beaten 3-0 so far. Wow!!
Vancouver is a very strong team. They lost 2002-03 Western semi-finals to this team! (4-6) I watched some of the last games and It was great. Ottawa. They were in 2002-03 Eastern semi-finals too and unfortunately they were beaten by Philadelphia. (4-1).
Right now the TV is on and I'm watching the second live game while writing these lines. The Wilds just lost a juicy opportunity, a one on one. (A Wing against the Goalie) It's a great game tonight. But sometimes actually most of the time it's tiring to watch the whole game. It's long. The whole game comprises of 3 period and each period is 20 pure min. It means all the dead times are discarded. So a game usually takes about 2 hours on TV. if you add commercials too.
Holy Mother of God!! Another score for Vancouver now! It's min. 12 of the second period and it's 4-0 Vancouver.
...Yes I was saying that it's tiring to watch the whole game. I don't know how people sit on their asses for that long! Last year I was goin' to watch a game with Andrew but just a couple of days before we go he canceled it. I may go this year. The ticket price is different. Depends on where you sit.
Will write more about the Coolest game on earth soon.
(Photo: Hockey Night in Canada's logo on CBC)